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Student Poster Session

Poster in Room #10: Effect of Electromagnetic Wave Propagations on Performance of Millimeter-Wave Transistors

Presenter: Soheil Nouri

University of Arkansas

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In wireless communication systems, in radio frequency design, and in whatever high frequency and mm-wave band applications, what you need is a high power transistor. And to get a higher power, you need a wider device. But researchers in industry and academia shrink, shrink, and just shrink their devices. Why? Because they do not want the wave propagation effects to kill their device performance at high frequency. But, is this really a perfect solution? We don’t think so! We first provide a precise model and an accurate simulation tool to predict every little move by any physical phenomena inside the mm-wave device. And then we address the device width limitations by providing a novel fabrication topology.
So, let’s know our enemies before we fight them.


Watch Soheil's presentation below

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