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Student Poster Session

Poster in Room #11: Dielectric Lens Designs for Beam Shaping to Treat Different Size of Subdermal Tumors

Presenter: Ismail Uluer

Oregon State University



Planar diverging lenses attached to the front end of a dielectric rod antenna are proposed to control the heating area on the human body to assist the electroporation treatment of different tumor sizes. The desired 5-7 °C temperature elevation of the tumors is achieved in 3 minutes by applying 2.1-3.6 W input power depending on the size of tumor. In order to treat the tumors located 3-7 mm below the skin surface, the applicator is operated at 8 GHz. The experimental results obtained by measuring a pork muscle tissue show good agreement with electro-thermal simulations.


Watch Ismail's presentation below

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