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Student Poster Session

Poster in Room #13: SkinAid: A Smart Bandaid for Health Monitoring and Sensing Using Electronic Data Modulation.

Presenter: Dyeff Vital

Florida International University



In this presentation, we propose a cost-efficient smart bandaid for quick and reliable assessment of chronic wounds. The assessment is done using the transmit-reflect principle of wound-data modulation from an interrogator. The RF modulation of the data is done via the use of a textile-based voltage-controlled oscillator. The latter captures the electric [DC] signal provided by the electrochemical sensor dipped in the wound fluid containing various uric acid concentrations. The wound assessment was done based on a threshold found to be 0.4 mM with respect to which the severity or restoration of the damaged tissue [wound] is evaluated. The average sensitivity of the proposed system was found to be 44.67 MHz/mM and the maximum power consumption 380 microWatts. The system uses low-cost materials that are easy to manufacture and can be used by any patient or medical professional.


Watch Dyeff's presentation below

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