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Student Poster Session

Poster in Room #05: Multi-Subject Vital Signs Detection using a Commercial UWB Impulse Radar

Presenter: Abdel-Kareem Moadi

University of Tennessee



This poster presents non-contact vital sign detection for multiple subjects using a commercially available UWB impulse radar. By utilizing a combination of arctangent demodulation and short-time state-space method, respiration rate and heart rate can be extracted by analyzing the respective range bins for each subject. Two subjects were monitored at varying distances concurrently with ground truth contact sensors. The accuracy of the heart rate and respiration rate estimations was 2.5 BPM and 1 BPM respectively. This shows promise for future applications for non-contact vital sign detection using portable, power efficient, and low-cost UWB radars.


Watch Abdel-Kareem's presentation below

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