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Student Poster Session

Poster in Room #06: Additively Manufactured, Low Loss 20 GHz DC Contact RF MEMS Switch Using Laterally Actuated, Fix-Free Beam

Presenter: Omer Firat

Oregon State University



This study shows a new type of 3D printed, electrostatically actuated DC contact RF MEMS switch that is integrated within a suspended finite-ground coplanar waveguide (FG-CPW).  The design, 3D printing processes, and RF characterization are demonstrated. In our design, CPW lines are printed on a fixed-fixed beam and the RF switch is laser machined within the RF signal path on the conductor line to create an electrostatic cantilever structure. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and CB028 conductive silver paste are utilized to fabricate the suspended CPW lines and the RF switch over an air cavity. Simulated and tested frequency responses up to 25 GHz in the ON state and OFF state of one switch controlled CPW line design are included. Pull-in voltage in the range of 29-36 Volts along with 20 dB OFF state isolation and 0.37 dB ON state insertion loss for an RF-switch controlled suspended FG-CPW line  at 20 GHz are demonstrated. 


Watch Omer's presentation below

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