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Electro Technik Industries was established in 1981 with its corporate headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Since its inception, ETI has specialized in establishing and managing companies that specialize in the design and manufacture of passive electronic components for a broad range of applications.


Our subsidiary companies are stand-alone manufacturers with independent design, manufacturing and marketing operations. These companies complement each other in areas of expertise, application, design assistance, capital equipment, and manufacturing capabilities. The end result enables ETI to channel customer requirements through the best set of resources. ETI, being privately held, allows us to remain focused on our customers, instead of investors.

Microwave & RF Group:


Featured Products

CVD (chemical vapor deposition) synthetic diamond products

RPC0402DT-50-5 - 15 W, DC-10GHz termination

RPC1310DT-50-5 - 150 W, DC-14GHz termination

RPC0402DR - 20 W, DC-30GHz resistor

RPC0603DR - 50 W, DC-20GHz resistor

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