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Our mission is to give our customers confidence in their RF through THz measurements and models.  We accomplish this by providing best-in-class and fully-proven characterization solutions, components and services.  We help the world’s leading manufacturers in the wireless technology chain build better products and bring them to market faster.


As a global leader for non-50Ω device characterization solutions covering 10 MHz to over 1 THz, some of our best-in-class solutions include

  • Passive, active and hybrid-active fundamental and harmonic load pull

  • Noise parameters extraction and modeling

  • Pulsed IV/S-parameters and compact transistor model extraction for III-V and MOS technologies

  • Behavioral model extraction of components and circuits

  • Automated UE test

  • Low, medium, and high-power robustness/VSWR test


Our precision calibration and interconnect solutions were purposefully developed to reduce your measurement uncertainties.  This includes:

  • Software platform to calibrate, validate and measure S-parameters with uncertainty

  • Characterized device (CD) VNA calibration and verification kits for highly accurate VNA calibration and validation

  • VNA test-port, precision, and general-purpose cable assemblies with the lowest uncertainty contribution of any on the market

  • Color-coded adapters and attenuators ensure the mating of compatible connectors 

  • Pin depth gages and torque wrenches to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements


For more information on Maury Microwave or any of our products, please visit

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Featured Products


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