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Advanced Manufacturing for RF Circuits and the Importance of Trend-Watching
Dr. Thomas Weller
Professor and Head of the School of EECS, Oregon State University

​Tom Weller joined Oregon State University in 2018, as professor and head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He was a faculty member at the University of South Florida from 1995-2018, and received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1995. He co-founded Modelithics in 2001. Weller’s research focuses on microwave circuits, sensors and antennas, including an emphasis on the use of additive manufacturing. He has published over 300 journal and conference papers and 3 book chapters, holds over 40 U.S. patents, and is a fellow of IEEE and the National Academy of Inventors.


History of Electronics, from Tubes to Pies…
Michael A. Wyatt

​Michael A. Wyatt (Life Member, IEEE) was born in 1948 and attended USF (BSEE). His career spanned Honeywell (Principle Fellow), Xetron, Division of Northrop Grumman (Chief Scientist), Insyte/ITT/Exelis/Harris (Chief Engineer), ViaSat (Director) and Wyatt Labs LLC (Founder). Mike created the first RFIC graduate courses and served as an Adjunct Lecture at USF. During his career he has accumulated over 32 US Patents from Industrial Power Control, First Silicon MW Single Chip Receiver, GaN DD2A (Direct Digital to Antenna), PAR (Personal Area Radar) to RF Spectral Imager, and has published numerous articles.



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