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Invited Speakers for discussion on state-of-the-art technology

Topic: Advancements in Radar

  • Dr Justin Metcalf - University of Oklahoma

  • Dr. Nathan Goodman - University of Oklahoma


Topic: Heterogeneous Integration

  • Dr. Muhannad Bakir - Georgia Tech University

  • Dr. Florian Herrault - Pseudolithic

  • Dr. Augusto Guitierrez-Aitken - Northrop Grumman Space Systems

Topic: Sub-THz and THz Systems and Measurements

  • Dr. Ke Wu - University of Montreal

  • Dr. Jerome Cheron - NIST

  • Dr. Berhanu Bulcha - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Topic: Advancements in Power Amplifier Technology

  • Dr. Zoya Popovic - University of Colorado Boulder

  • Dr. Taylor Barton - University of Colorado Boulder

  • Dr. Patrick Roblin - Ohio State University

  • Dr. Charles Baylis - Baylor University

  • Matthew Ozalas - Keysight Technologies

Topic: Biomedical Applications

  • Ms. Rachel Jarvis - University of Oklahoma

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