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Radar workshop: Recent Innovations in Intelligent Radar System Development and Adaptive Radar Processing Schemes


This workshop will cover recent developments in novel radar system architectures and radar information processing schemes. Development of systems and circuits achieving distributed wireless operations, recent advancements in radar-embedded communication waveforms and system implementations, along with the use of compressive sensing and neural networks for radar imaging will be covered. The workshop will discuss multiple aspects of radar system design from phase coherent circuit design to waveform design and stochastic optimization. Results of distributed open-loop beamforming will be presented, along with resource optimization for joint radar and communications, and neural networks-assisted radar imaging reconstructions.

Workshop  Speakers:

Topic: Advances in Radar Imaging and Inverse Profiling of Objects in Layered Media

Speaker: Dr. Ahmad Hoorfar - Villanova University

Topic: Distributed Phased Arrays: Coordinating Wireless Systems at the Wavelength Level 

Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Nanzer - Michigan State University

Topic: Radar-Embedded Communication Waveforms and System Implementations

Speaker: Dr. Justin Metcalf - University of Oklahoma 

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